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Untangling GMP in Australia’s Medical Cannabis Landscape 

Untangling GMP in Australia’s Medical Cannabis Landscape There are plenty of acronyms to wrap your head around in the cannabis world and GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice is one that is at the forefront of the industry. Around the globe there’s been a shift towards extract-based products over raw flower for medical cannabis consumption, promoting...
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The importance of dosing studies

The importance of dosing studies   The emergence of a federally regulated pharmaceutical framework for medicinal cannabis in Australia has resulted in substantial opportunities for medicinal cannabis companies to undertake research and development (R&D) here.    Within the realms of novel drug development, comprehension and accuracy regarding dosage and titration regimens have extreme significance to the...
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News Release: Applied Cannabis Research launches study of Cannabinoids and PTSD

News Release: Applied Cannabis Research launches study of Cannabinoids and PTSD Applied Cannabis Research is pleased to announce it has received ethics approval for a study into the benefits of cannabinoids and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The study will commence in May of 2019 and will study up to 300 PTSD patients who have been...
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Cannabis Clinics Facilitate Enhanced Trial Recruitment

Using Cannabis Clinics for Medical Cannabis Trial Recruitment The age-old problem and one of the biggest hurdles in clinical trials is recruitment. It’s the ultimate rate limiting step which can significantly impact clinical development timelines. As any sponsor of a clinical trial can attest to the most demanding stages of any clinical trial is the...
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Why Australia should be your next clinical trial destination

Why Australia is the best location in the world for medicinal cannabis trials Australia is emerging as a leading destination for pharmaceutical companies to conduct research into medicinal cannabis.  Companies like GW Pharmaceuticals, Zynerba, Tilray, Botanix, Zelda Therapeutics and others have all made announcements in recent years about medicinal cannabis research programs here. The reasons...
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