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Cannabinoid Medicine Observational Study (CMOS)

CMOS aims to recruit 20,000 participants from around Australia to be involved in a large-scale observational study of prescribed medical cannabis. As prescribed medicinal cannabis continues to roll out in the Australian community, feedback on patient’s treatment-related progress, dosing and side-effects is increasingly useful but lacking. This is the goal of the CMOS study; to collect valuable information that can be used to advance patient care and assist researchers and clinicians in the medicinal cannabis and healthcare sectors. 

How can I participate in the CMOS study?

Interested participants can be enrolled in CMOS via their treating clinician who is willing to participate in the CMOS study. A list of participating CMOS sites can be found here

Firstly, you would need to willingly sign the patient information and consent form which provides you with comprehensive information about the study and related study procedures. Your eligibility to participate will be assessed by your treating clinician based on the study eligibility criteria. Eligible participants will have their medicinal cannabis use monitored monthly over a 12-month period.

Eligibility criteria: 
  1. Aged 18 years or over
  2. Seeking or already receiving medicinal cannabis therapy for a clinical condition via an Australian registered clinician
  3. Deemed as an appropriate candidate for medicinal cannabis treatment by their treating clinician (at a CMOS site)
  4. And, willing and able to complete monthly surveys related to your medicinal cannabis treatment

What is my information going to be used for?

We will collect and analyse your relevant medical history (as provided by your treating clinician), medicinal cannabis treatment, dosage and  side effects to get a better understanding of  the effectiveness of different medicinal cannabis preparations to treat  your medical condition. This information is key to understanding and improving delivery of treatment options (i.e. medicinal cannabis) to patients with refractory conditions. 

Analysis of this data will be fed back to participating CMOS clinicians and will be analysed and presented at research conferences and also published in research journals. All analysis is using de-identified data so that you are not identifiable in any way. Any publication or presentation of CMOS study data will be using aggregate de-identified data. Any participant in CMOS will also have access to any study publications or presentations that are given.

What is expected of my participation in this study?

By choosing to participate in this study, you will be required to comply with all study activities, including completion of survey questionnaires and informing us about the side effects resulting from your prescribed medicinal cannabis intake.

What are the costs to be involved?

CMOS is an observational study and not a clinical trial. Participants in CMOS receive their standard care via their treating clinician and are responsible for costs associated with their care which may include doctors consultations and the cost of the medicinal cannabis product prescribed (which will vary depending on your circumstances). Some medicinal cannabis products within the study are subsidised by suppliers for study participants. A discussion with your doctor about the costs involved in treatment should occur prior to study participation.

How can I sign up?

Recruitment for the CMOS study is via CMOS participating sites. If you are interested please discuss this with your doctor. If they are interested they may join as a participating site, otherwise refer you to an existing CMOS site. CMOS sites will be added to the study progressively. We hope to recruit ~40 sites around Australia by the end of the study. 

If you cannot see a site near your area please register your interest below and the CMOS team will be able to advise on new sites or possible options for you.

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