Current Clinical Trials of Medicinal Cannabis in Australia

There are a number of active clinical trials happening around Australia that are looking for patients and doctors to participate. Below is a list of the current studies that are ongoing or about to launch in Australia. There are clinical trials of all types including observational studies, randomised-controlled trials with a placebo and also experimental studies looking at related aspects such as driving impairment.

Please click an indication group below to see current studies in that area or scroll below to see the complete list of current studies in Australia. We will endeavour to keep this list as up to date as possible so that it is a useful resource for patients interested in study participation.

If you are interested in participating some studies provide a patient information page to register your interest. Please click on the “Recruiting” link to be taken to the relevant study webpage (if available).

If you wish to find out more detail about the study please click on the “Study title” which will take you to the ANZCTR entry for that trial.

Chronic Pain

Cancer pain
associated symptoms

CMOS Study Medical cannabis studies

Healthy Volunteer studies

Neurogical Conditions

Neurological trials

ACR AppliedCannabisResearch

Mental health

Insomnia and sleepless concept. Man unable to sleep. Exhausted and tired.

Sleep disorders

Last updated 4 August 2020